La Joie Senteur Gift Box

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A beautiful gift box with a 100ml Atmosphere & Linen Mist, 200g Soy Wax candle and a 50ml Reed Diffuser. Includes a envelope and blank card for the gift givers’ convenience.

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Ginger Lime, Polynesian Plumeria (floral), Royale Bleu (woody, caramel, liquorice), Vanilla Apricot

How to Use

Run yourself a bath after a long day, light your candle and enjoy the therapeutic aroma of the finest essential oils while you lie and relax. When an even pool of wax has formed you can use the warm wax/botanical oil blend to moisturize your whole body. If too hot, first pour into a ceramic bowl.
Quick fact: the scent of an essential oil has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses in less than a second!

How to Choose

Choose your candle by smell. The scent you like the most will probably have the therapeutic benefits that your body needs. Still cant decide? Then read the benefits and make an informed decision. Here are our essential oil blends:
Mandarin Orange: This is a sunny and radiant blend of oils and brings happiness and warmth to the mind. It’s also calming, stress relieving and sharpens the mind.
Cinnamon Vanilla: This blend of oils generate a beautiful sense of well-being and a feeling of relaxation. As an anti-depressant it suggests home, nurturance and safety. Also an aphrodisiac. Relieves aches and pains(period pains) and stimulates digestion and circulation.
Rose Geranium Lavender: This blend of oils has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension, depression, anxiety, panic, hysteria and nervous exhaustion in general – great for treating PMS and balances the hormonal system. It is effective for headaches, migraines & insomnia. It tones & revitalizes the skin and is known for slowing the ageing process.