About Us

La Joie Senteur Home Fragrances is a luxury artisanal brand developed by Royale Afrique du Sud. Hand poured to perfection. Exceptional quality, made in South-Africa to international standards. Our candle connoisseur has been expertly making candles since 2004.

La Joie Senteur Home Fragrances consist of soy fragrance candles, reed diffusers and atmosphere & linen mists. We specialize in soy wax, because its renewable and burns 50% longer than paraffin – 36 hours burning time, creates no black soot and emits our gorgeous fragrance oils better. We believe in using only the finest quality 100% undiluted fragrance oils and LOAD our products with it. High quality fragrance oils means strong, but soft.

It comes in four fragrances: Ginger Lime, Polinesian Plumeria (floral), Vanilla Apricot and Royale Blue (woody).

Vision for La Joie Senteur: To create sensationally smelling spaces to a niche market – globally.

Mission: We are a boutique brand making home fragrances for the sophisticated office or home stylist by using exceptional quality raw materials and handcrafting each product to packaged perfection.

Although boutique, We can easily handle large orders.

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